"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage;
do not be afraid, nor be dismayed,
for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go."
Joshua 1:9

Friday, October 7

A long time not seen

Well it has been a long time sence I last wrote on my blog... sorry!
Updates: I am not homeschooled anymore, I now go to Breckenridge Highschool! Its been a good year so far. I have recently been putting random purple high lights in my hair for no apparent reason.
Right now I am sitting in the computer lab at school, bored to death because some of us are done taking our NWEA testing for the year, so I thought... why not I'm gonna check my blog!
So I really don't know anything else to say other then I am enjoying my guitar cass I have at school! How many schools do you know of that teaches guitar for a class?

Saturday, April 9

What We Really Need by: Clara J

Will light ever appear
For those who are so near?
Will there ever be love and compassion
For those who take no action?

All day long we are gloomy and we mope
Is there anyone close that holds the hope?
The hope that we all need
That will make us grow up like a weed

There is only one that I know of
The only one that I know will love
He is my one and only, He is Jesus Christ
He has saved me from death, and given me life

He is the only one that can save of my sin
He opens the gates of heaven wide just to let me in
Even when I am alone, He is always there
No matter what anyone says or cares

Friday, April 8

He Is by Clara J

He is my Lord
I will not be Ignored
I looked to Him for understanding
And He gave me life that is everlasting

He is my Savior
And everyday He makes me braver
He gives me comfort and rest
For the days that are not the best

He is my God
He has not one flaw
I am His child and He is my Father
What can I say, I have no other

Alright this poem does not rhyme as well as I thought as I did, but I think is still good....So read it, comment, And let me now what I think of my poem

Thursday, April 7

New Looks!

This is going to be very short...but any ways, I have now change the look of my new blog I hope you like!
Do you think it might have to much purple? Well I tried to put in some blue, but it did not look good at all, then I tried to put in some pink and looks good! But now I think it looks really girly but I guess that's ok!

So let me now what you think and comment on this to let me now if you like the new look...oh and yes this is the same old blog, but I will let you know that I will probably be posting a lot more poetry!

Hope you like it!

Someday Soon

Someday I will see the light
One day it will turn out right
Soon this will be a quote
But for now its just my vote,
That the love of God will continue to show
And that are heart and soul will start to glow
That we spread are Joy, and are sorrows die
That we spread are love, and we shall not cry
For now we hug
And soon we will love

Allright this is another poem that I have written, I may not be good at jokes, but I think I am starting to see a talent!

What are some of your talents, I would love to hear about them! Maybe I will make them into a poem (with your approval of course!)

Wednesday, April 6

Spring Is Here by Clara J

Spring is here, spring is here
No more need for snow gear!
No more snow
And no more cold

The trees will bring leaves
And we shall shed are sleeves
The lilac will bloom
So there shall be no more gloom

The songs of Joy shall be song
The shouts of praise shall be broung
We shall hear those who sing
The songs that we bring

This is a poem that I have written please tell me what you think... 'cause I don't do very much of poetry... I took a class like three years ago on it and this is the first I have done sence then please tell me what you think.


Saturday, April 2

Decisions decisions...

Well I have decided I am going to do a little vloging a long with bloging!!
I have a lot of videos on my camera for my blog But I have not quite loaded them up onto my computer (I need my mommy to show me how again) so keep reading and watching

Thursday, March 17


Well today I am at home and I was supposed to be baby sitting my brother. But my dad (I guess) is going to be staying at home today....So I don't have to baby sit. Yeah and Aw... man because then I don't get to get paid for babysitting witch means less money in my wallet to by new jeans): But I will survive.

What else is going on? Oh yeah, I am thinking about changing my blog into a Vlog. Or maybe I could do a little of both. So give me your ideas on what I should do.

Taylor Swift, Picture To Burn

ELO, Don't Bring Me Down